About Us

Hi, I’m Tiffany, the mom behind LivLaughCook, who along with my two children, Liv & Sawyer, concoct nutritious food creations for the entire family. It’s important to cook with children at a young age to teach them the foundations of healthy eating habits. The kids love getting involved in the meal prep process whether it’s measuring and mixing, or growing and picking vegetables from our organic garden. It’s definitely a sense of accomplishment for them and a fun bonding activity for all of us. If they are involved in creating the recipes, I find they’re more willing to try new wholesome foods. Children emulate their parents’ habits, and at home I always strive to introduce my kids to organic, whole grain, non-processed foods, as well as eco-friendly, green products for a sustainable home. My goal is to motivate others to eat healthier meals and live well-balanced lifestyles.

Welcome to our kitchen!