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Snickers Stuffed Dates

 Dried dates
 Peanut butter (if nut-free, try sunflower seed butter)
 Chocolate Don’t forget to use code LIVLAUGHCOOK10 to get 10% off on ... their chocolate is low sugar, has added protein, is gluten free, soy free, and non gmo... such a favorite of ours 👌
 Coconut oil, to help melt the chocolate

Cut a date in half to remove pit (but don’t slice through all the way... just halfway to keep the date together)


Stuff the date with nut butter


Melt chocolate with 1 tsp coconut oil until liquid


Take a fork and dip date in the chocolate bath


Sprinkle with chopped chocolate (we used Jojo's original dark chocolate with pistachios, almonds, and cranberries). Optional: can sprinkle some sea salt on top to make the flavors POP


Refrigerate for an hour to let the chocolate harden and enjoy!