Valentine's Day

Strawberry Rose LollipopsReady for an easy Valentine's Day snack using strawberries and raisins? Kid-friendly and nutritious, this is a holiday-themed snack without any added sugars! Valentine’s Day is all about sweets + flowers, so I figured I’d combine the two into a healthy & fun snack that turns strawberries into roses, kids cups into flowerpots, raisins into soil, and reusable cake pop sticks into flower stems!
Caprese Heart SkewersWith Valentine’s Day coming up, the candy snacks will be on overdrive, so I figured I’d make a holiday snack without all the sugars. Great for lunchboxes, holiday appetizers, or even an afternoon snack, these mozzarella, basil, and tomato skewers are easy to make and kid-friendly! If your kids aren’t into the flavors of basil, you can always substitute with spinach for a milder flavor!