Valentine's Day

Salted Caramel Pretzel CookiesNeed a last-minute treat for Valentine’s Day? We got you covered with these simple vegan + gluten-free XOXO cookies smothered in a salted caramel topping and layered with crunchy pretzels and naturally colored pink white chocolate. I love using egg-less batters with the kids so I don’t have to worry about them (or my husband 🤪) licking the bowl.
Valentine’s Day LunchboxLet’s make a no-fuss Valentine’s Day themed lunchbox together that your children will LOVE! Every item is no-bake and vegetarian. ✉️ Envelope sandwich sealed with a heart 🌹 Strawberry rose pops ❤️ Caprese heart skewers 🍎 Stuffed apple hearts 🍬 Dye free candy
Strawberry Rose PopsReady for an easy Valentine's Day snack using strawberries and raisins? Kid-friendly and nutritious, this is a holiday-themed snack without any added sugars! Valentine’s Day is all about sweets + flowers, so I figured I’d combine the two into a healthy & fun snack that turns strawberries into roses, kids cups into flowerpots, raisins into soil, and reusable cake pop sticks into flower stems!
Caprese Heart SkewersWant to be extra this Valentine’s Day without all the fuss? Pack your kids some caprese heart skewers and watch as they 𝑜𝑜𝑜 and 𝒶𝒽𝒽𝒽 over those cute little heart shaped tomatoes. Liv hates tomatoes but these little hearts win her over every single Valentine’s Day. Just don’t ask her to eat a tomato on the 15th because she’ll flat out refuse. ❤️ Great for lunchboxes, holiday appetizers, or even an afternoon snack, these mozzarella, basil, and tomato skewers are easy to make and kid-friendly! If your kids aren’t into the flavors of basil, you can always substitute with spinach for a milder flavor.
Stuffed Apple HeartsAhh Valentine’s Day. Who’s pumped for those candy sugar highs and meltdown lows coming your way? Didn’t think so. Let’s toss those sugary artificially dyed candy hearts to the curb and make some stuffed apple hearts instead! These treats are made with nutritious apples, protein-rich peanut butter, a dip of chocolate , and dye free sprinkles.