Chocolate Eclair PopsThese copy-cat ice cream popsicles from my childhood have a new fresh and cleaner look! Kick that artificial flavor and corn syrup to the curb (alongside the other 35+ ingredients… yup, I counted) and make these instead! Made with coconut milk, cashews, and cocoa powder as the base, we used ingredients even my 5 year old could understand. Trust me, you need to try these!
Blueberry Wands It’s blueberry season and we are 👏 here 👏 for 👏 it!! My kids believe everything is better on a stick, so we made these chocolate covered blueberries into magical wands! Great for a Frozen-themed party, Fourth of July sparklers, or a fun snack activity.
Palm Tree CupcakesEven though we’re back from Hawaii, we’re still dreaming about those tropical Polynesian beaches. These cupcakes are so fun for a beach-themed party or just a fun snack activity. 🏝️ We used a gf cake-box mix to make our snack super quick and easy, then decorated with crushed graham crackers, organic fruit strips and gummies as well as our chocolate pretzel palm trees from a few posts back.
Seashore Chocolate BarkWhile in Hawaii, we snorkeled with sea turtles and saw magnificent fish of every color in the rainbow, and we knew we had to recreate that image with a fun snack activity! Made with white chocolate, plant-based food color, and some crushed graham crackers, we brought some aloha back with us to NY!
Shave Ice Cake PopsWe knew we had to make a cake pop version of this iconic Hawaiian frozen treat as soon as we booked our summer vaca to Oahu and Maui. Did you know that shave ice and snow cones are actually very different? Shave ice is made with finely shaved, not crushed, ice. This results in a powdery, fine consistency, like freshly fallen snow rather than crunchy ice.
Carrot Cake PopsDuring the summer months I make an extra effort to create all the frozen treats so my kids stay hydrated. As a mom, it’s also my secret guilty pleasure to add veggies to their snacks whenever I can 😏. My 7 year old self-proclaimed carrot hater of a daughter will not eat a raw carrot but she’s obsessed with these carrot cake pops. Is it the creamy indulgent filling? Is it the graham cracker crusted white chocolate coating? Try them out and see for yourself!
Beach Ball Cake PopsSummer’s in full swing and we’re celebrating at the beach! While in SoCal and Hawaii, we’re constantly next to the sand and ocean, so we had to make cake pops to match our vibes. ⛱️ These cake pops are made with a gluten-free mix to make things super easy. We then tossed in some clean frosting, covered in white chocolate, and decorated with dye-free sanding sugar. My kids had fun rolling the cake pops and decorating… such a fun way to get the kids cookin in the kitchen!
Pretzel Palm TreesSince we’re currently in California and surrounded by these gorgeous lush trees, I figured a themed snack was in order. Made with just pretzels, chocolate, and plant-based food dye (plus optional raisins and sprinkles), these palm trees are such a fun snack activity to make with the kids.
Strawberry Shortcake PopsMade with creamy strawberries and coconut cream, this healthier version of the classic is coated in white chocolate and covered in freeze dried fruit and gluten-free cookie crumbs. Introducing you to your new summertime favorite bar.
Firecracker PopsiclesA cleaned up version of a classic, we used fruits for natural coloring rather than the artificial food dyes you'd get from the ice cream man. Naturally sweetened by strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and pure maple syrup, this is a treat I feel good about giving my children this summer!
Chocolate Yogurt ClustersThese no-bake frozen yogurt treats are about to become your new favorite snack! Made with wholesome yogurt, fresh fruit, and pure maple syrup or honey, these frozen yogurt treats are then dipped in sweet white chocolate, making it the perfect red, white, and blue dessert this Fourth of July!
Patriotic Apple PopsBookmark this page for the easiest no-bake July 4th recipe!! Takes just a few minutes, the base is fruit, and my kids LOVED that they could decorate these themselves.