Chocolate Hamantaschen🔺These triangular stuffed cookies are for the Jewish holiday Purim, and many believe they resemble the 3-cornered hat that the evil Haman wore. ❌Supposedly, taking a bite out of the cookie is in defiance of bowing down to Haman and preventing him from carrying out his evil plan. 🧺 On Purim, we also make baskets each year with the kids, filled with candy and hamantashen cookies. We give the baskets out to our neighbors and friends to ensure that everyone has enough food for the Purim feast held later in the day, and to increase love and friendship.
Apple Ring MasksThe Jewish holiday of Purim, the Festival of Masks, starts next week, and we’re getting holiday ready with a festive take on our apple slice “donuts”. 🎭 The kids had so much fun putting their creativity to the test as they dipped and decorated their apple slice masks with all the dye-free candy we had in our cabinet. Even if you don’t celebrate Purim, save these apple masks down in your bookmarks because they are perfect for Mardi Gras or even just a fun snack activity.