Chocolate Eclair PopsThese copy-cat ice cream popsicles from my childhood have a new fresh and cleaner look! Kick that artificial flavor and corn syrup to the curb (alongside the other 35+ ingredients… yup, I counted) and make these instead! Made with coconut milk, cashews, and cocoa powder as the base, we used ingredients even my 5 year old could understand. Trust me, you need to try these!
Carrot Cake PopsDuring the summer months I make an extra effort to create all the frozen treats so my kids stay hydrated. As a mom, it’s also my secret guilty pleasure to add veggies to their snacks whenever I can 😏. My 7 year old self-proclaimed carrot hater of a daughter will not eat a raw carrot but she’s obsessed with these carrot cake pops. Is it the creamy indulgent filling? Is it the graham cracker crusted white chocolate coating? Try them out and see for yourself!
Strawberry Shortcake PopsMade with creamy strawberries and coconut cream, this healthier version of the classic is coated in white chocolate and covered in freeze dried fruit and gluten-free cookie crumbs. Introducing you to your new summertime favorite bar.
Firecracker PopsiclesA cleaned up version of a classic, we used fruits for natural coloring rather than the artificial food dyes you'd get from the ice cream man. Naturally sweetened by strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and pure maple syrup, this is a treat I feel good about giving my children this summer!
Coconut Water Fruit PopsThese 3-ingredient popsicles are perfect for a Fourth of July treat or summertime snack. So simple to make, my kids are amazed that these star shaped popsicles are see-through and I love how hydrating and nutritious they are!
Peanut Butter Acai PopsiclesThis popsicle is the perfect refreshing spring & summertime treat or even a make-ahead breakfast idea! Acai is rich in antioxidants, deliver healthy fats and fiber, and is low in sugar. These popsicles are creamy and rich from the acai/peanut butter mix, filled with nutritious banana, blueberry, and strawberry pieces, and dipped in sweet granola surrounded by chia and flaxseed.
Berry ‘N’ Yogurt PopsiclesThese RED, WHITE, and BLUEberry popsicles are a great snacktivity to make with the kids, and also a healthy treat for the Fourth of July! They can be made dairy free (depending on the yogurt used), and are filled with clean, natural good-for-you ingredients. Perfect for those warm summer days!
Pink Pitaya Popsicles🍓 When it’s summertime, the kids and I are all about refreshing & nutritious popsicles!! My favorite mom hack is to repurpose leftover smoothies we make and turn them into popsicles for another treat later… we’re team no-waste over here! 🍍 The best part about homemade popsicles is that YOU control the ingredients… no food dye, no added sugars, just nature’s pure candy. For our dragon fruit popsicles, we use pink pitaya, strawberries, pineapple, peaches, superfood hemp hearts, and plant-based milk. After blending, we pour our smoothie mixture into Zoku monster ice pop molds, wait a few hours, and enjoy our adorable kid-friendly treats.
Peanut Butter CRUNCH PopsiclesThese popsicles are a MUST MAKE treat (or even breakfast) before summer ends! These gems taste like indulgent creamy peanut butter ice cream with little yummy oatmeal chunks but contain healthy, clean ingredients without any of the refined sugars!