Vegan Gummy BearsThese 4-ingredient plant-based rainbow gummies are about to become your newest addiction. Made with fruit and no artificial colors or refined sugars, these are a clean treat that I’m happy to give my kids. The combinations are endless depending on what fruits and juices you use. For extra sweetness, try adding pure maple syrup or honey. To make it plant-based, we used agar powder in place of gelatin for our gummies. Agar powder is derived from seaweed and a great source of iron, fiber, and zinc.
No-Bake Easter Egg NestsThese treats taste like oatmeal raisin cookies and are naturally sweetened by dates! We used coconut flour, making it a grain free and gluten free treat. Oh, and for all those celebrating Passover, this works for that holiday too (as long as peanut butter is part of your tradition)! Cookies bring us all together✌️
Easter Apple PopsSpring is here and we’re celebrating with this Easter-inspired snack activity! With just an apple, mixed fruits, chocolate, and our newest favorite obsession air-puffed corn rings, our kids were able to pour their creativity into these apple pops to make a bunny, chick, carrot, and Easter egg.
Apple FrogsWhile matzah is usually the star of the Jewish holiday of Passover, we decided to make a fun snack activity recreating the jumping frogs. 🐸 With just a green apple, green grapes, a strawberry and chocolate, this snack activity is a great way for our kids to get creative in the kitchen. Liv ended up using mini marshmallows too, and both kids had so much fun using their imaginations to create their frogs.
Greek Yogurt Poppable Cones Warm weather is right around the corner and we’re celebrating with these bite-sized frozen snacks! Liv & Sawyer had so much fun decorating (and eating) their mini frozen Greek yogurt cones… such a fun snack activity to make with the littles!
Strawberry Rose PopsReady for an easy Valentine's Day snack using strawberries and raisins? Kid-friendly and nutritious, this is a holiday-themed snack without any added sugars! Valentine’s Day is all about sweets + flowers, so I figured I’d combine the two into a healthy & fun snack that turns strawberries into roses, kids cups into flowerpots, raisins into soil, and reusable cake pop sticks into flower stems!
Caprese Heart SkewersWant to be extra this Valentine’s Day without all the fuss? Pack your kids some caprese heart skewers and watch as they 𝑜𝑜𝑜 and 𝒶𝒽𝒽𝒽 over those cute little heart shaped tomatoes. Liv hates tomatoes but these little hearts win her over every single Valentine’s Day. Just don’t ask her to eat a tomato on the 15th because she’ll flat out refuse. ❤️ Great for lunchboxes, holiday appetizers, or even an afternoon snack, these mozzarella, basil, and tomato skewers are easy to make and kid-friendly! If your kids aren’t into the flavors of basil, you can always substitute with spinach for a milder flavor.
Salmon Veggie PattiesDo your kids eat fish? While Sawyer loves salmon, lately Liv has been hesitant to eat fish unless it’s made into a breaded patty (I find finger foods are always a hit with my kids). I also add caramelized onions and sweet red bell pepper for extra vitamins, potassium, and fiber! 💡 The great thing about this recipe is that we usually use leftover cooked salmon from earlier in the week. I love repurposing leftovers so no one gets bored eating the same foods throughout the week.
Frozen Sour Watermelon “Candy”Ever crave some pucker-worthy sour candy but didn’t want to deal with all the refined sugars? I got you covered 😉 🤰Recently, a bunch of my friends + family have announced they’re expecting, so I figured I’d share this recipe along with my tried and true natural remedies for nausea ease in case any of my followers are moms-to-be! The best part about this snack is that it doubles as a fun treat for kids too! It tastes like sour candy but is also refreshing and sweet. 💦 Watermelon is such a great fruit for morning sickness because it’s so hydrating! When you’re losing all that water from 🤮, it’s important to drink lots of fluids, and watermelon is 92% water! 🍋 Lemon and lime juice are combined with date sugar (so this “candy” is naturally sweetened by fruit only!) to make the watermelon sour and tangy. Did you know that sour foods can reduce morning sickness by increasing salivation? ☘️ Mint is also added to our treat because the scent of peppermint always soothed my uneasy stomach during the first trimester.
Citrus Honey Orange MuffinsIt’s pure magic when sweet golden honey combines with fresh citrusy orange and creates an explosion of caramelized goodness in muffin form. 💫 Grain-free and made with almond flour, these muffins are also perfect for Passover! We love baking these honey orange muffins because they’re perfect for little hands & lunchbox snacks, they’re a great vitamin C-rich meal prep breakfast food, and also because they’re oh so crave-worthy 🤤. (#sponsored) These sweet + springy muffins are made with organic orange juice from @unclemattsorganic. We love this family owned company because their products are truly clean label: certified glyphosate residue free, no toxic pesticides, no GMOs, and no preservatives. And did I mention their orange juice tastes so fresh + sweet? Sawyer goes through bottles and bottles (and bottles) 😂.
(Plant-Based) Easter Egg Charcuterie Board🐣 With the holidays approaching, I’m always looking for nutritious yet easy holiday-inspired snack ideas to feed my kids (and any guests that may stop by 🏃‍♂️ ). I’ve found snack plates to be such a great option to incorporate veggies into my kids’ diets while making it fun. In addition to veggies or fruits, I love adding a healthy fat (avocado from our homemade guacamole) and plant-based protein. 🌱 #sponsored Our newest obsession @eatnowadays plant-based nuggets are delicious + convenient (8-10 min and they’re done!), yet also healthful and made with 7 clean + simple plant-based ingredients. They’re packed with 13g of protein, contain no added sugars, and are soy-free! 💲Use promo code code LIVLAUGHCOOK25 to get 25% off your first order on
Parmesan Crusted Fish SticksHave you ever looked at the ingredients for store-bought frozen fish sticks? It's generally a list of about 20 ingredients that are difficult to pronounce and often aren't healthy such as various gums and fillers. These homemade fish sticks are made with just SIX clean ingredients (and that includes the salt and avocado oil!)… you'll never go back to frozen again! 🧒 Great for baby led weaning 🌾 Gluten-free if you sub ground oats for the breadcrumbs ⏰ 6 ingredients