Palm Tree CupcakesEven though we’re back from Hawaii, we’re still dreaming about those tropical Polynesian beaches. These cupcakes are so fun for a beach-themed party or just a fun snack activity. 🏝️ We used a gf cake-box mix to make our snack super quick and easy, then decorated with crushed graham crackers, organic fruit strips and gummies as well as our chocolate pretzel palm trees from a few posts back.
Chocolate Chip+Peanut Butter+Banana MuffinsWith a soft pull apart texture on the inside and the sweet flavors of gooey chocolate, creamy peanut butter, and sweet banana, these muffins will have you begging for more. Trust me, you need to try this recipe.
Banana Spinach MuffinsWe made these blender muffins in honor of St. Patrick’s Day! These chocolate chip banana muffins are always a hit with the kids and their friends (and no one even complains that the beautiful green color comes from SPINACH!!). We love using spinach because it adds such great nutritional value without compromising the sweet flavor of the muffin. Spinach is a such great source of fiber that helps fuel growth of healthy gut bacteria.
Chocolate Chip Pumpkin MuffinsDid you know that you can replace flour with ALMOND BUTTER and it’ll create a moist, fluffy, delicious muffin?! 🤯. Such a great autumn treat that packs great nutritional content from the pumpkin puree and is sweetened naturally by pure maple syrup. Perfect for breakfast, snack, and kids’ lunchboxes!
Maple Smash Cake with Yogurt FrostingInspired by @yummytoddlerfood, we made this patriotic maple cake with yogurt frosting for my son’s first birthday cake smash, but it was so delicious that I now make it for special occasions and holidays. Made with simple clean ingredients, this cake can be made dairy-free (sub in coconut milk yogurt), and always yields a moist, deliciously sweet cake.
Frosted Rainbow Carrot Muffins (whole wheat flour version) It always feels like a win when my kids think they’re getting dessert for breakfast, and I’m just silently laughing that they’re eating (and enjoying) carrots for their meal. It’s payback for all the grey hairs they put on this head. 😝 These muffins are perfect for breakfast or a make-ahead snack for lunchboxes. They contain whole grains, protein from Greek yogurt, and are naturally sweetened with pure maple syrup. Recipe inspired by @tasty
Blueberry Lemon Pomegranate MuffinsFun fact: these muffins are naturally sweetened by fruit! Pomegranates and dates pair perfectly with blueberries and lemon... such light and refreshing flavors for spring! These muffins are creamy and protein-packed from Greek yogurt and are also filled with nutritious whole grains. Great for breakfasts, snacks, and lunchboxes!
Raspberry Lemon Yogurt MuffinsDid you know that early spring is prime lemon season?? With the start of spring, these light and citrusy muffins are great for breakfast, snack, and even lunchboxes. Packed with protein from Greek yogurt, these muffins are a nutritious treat that will keep you satisfied for longer. 👦 Fun fact: I created this recipe specifically for Sawyer when he was a dairy intolerant baby! I subbed coconut milk yogurt for the Greek yogurt, and they turned out wonderfully. They’ve been a keeper for all these years!
Sufganiyot MuffinsWith Chanukah finally here, we baked these “healthified” sufganiyot muffins. Generally, we eat fried jelly donuts stuffed with strawberry jelly on this holiday, so in order to get that same jelly-donut feel, we baked vanilla-maple muffins stuffed with naturally sweetened strawberry preserves. These gluten-free muffins are so unbelievably moist and dusted with cinnamon to give them a warm winter feel.
Cranberry Cornbread MuffinsBaked with whole wheat flour and vitamin-rich corn (hidden veggie alert!), this cornbread muffin is the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving table! This muffin is naturally sweetened by coconut sugar and pure maple syrup which makes it perfect for a side dish, snack, or even breakfast!
Almond Butter Zucchini MuffinsThese grain-free, gluten-free, and flour-free muffins (say that 3x fast!) are a great hidden veggies recipe that works well for breakfasts, snacks, and school lunchboxes. Amazingly, almond butter acts as a replacement for flour and creates a perfectly moist and fluffy treat!
Apples ‘N Honey MuffinsThese apple muffins are a great make-ahead snack or breakfast option for both kids and adults alike, and are a great way to use all your autumn apples! Made with nutritious apples, whole wheat pastry flour, and oats, these muffins are made fluffy with protein-rich Greek yogurt!