Meals for the Mixed Vegetarian/Omnivore Family

Black Bean Lentil QuesadillasWith Cinco De Mayo coming up this week, I figured I’d share our favorite family-friendly Mexican inspired dishes! 🌱 These quesadillas are packed with THREE sources of plant based protein: black beans, lentils, and our favorite quinoa! 🧀 Such an easy way to change up the classic cheese quesadilla, these are hearty and delicious!
Salmon Fish SticksLooking for an easy way to get your children to enjoy the benefits of eating fish? Made with just FIVE ingredients, these salmon fish sticks are a kid-friendly and flavorful way to introduce fish to your littles! Rich in omega-3s and a great source of protein and potassium, salmon acts as a superfood with major health benefits.
Roasted Spaghetti Squash Chickpea BologneseSpaghetti squash is a such a great nutrient-dense vegetable that's low in calories and high in vitamins and minerals. It's a wonderful substitute for regular spaghetti and is extremely kid-friendly (and they don't even know how good it is for them!!). Paired with either our vegan chickpea Bolognese sauce, or my husband's turkey or chicken Bolognese sauce (also linked in the recipe), it makes a complete and nutritious meal with plenty of leftovers for the week.
Chickpea Tikka MasalaThis slow cooker Indian creamy cauliflower rice and chickpea stew is great for families who are feeding vegetarian/vegans and meat eaters at the same meal. We usually cook the stew first (either in the crockpot or on the stove) and grill chicken in a separate pan, which can then be incorporated into the stew for those who prefer the meat addition.
Veggie Quinoa BowlsThese Buddha bowls are perfect for families who need separate vegetarian & meat options in the same meal. For this bowl, we just add grilled chicken on top to satisfy the meat-eaters of the family.