Lunchbox Ideas

Lunchbox Inspiration- “Ladybugs on Leaves”If you're looking for a vegetarian, vegan, or plant based lunchbox idea for your little ones, we got you covered with this semi-homemade lunch comprised of mini avocado toasts, sweet bell peppers filled with hummus, plant based maple sausages made from millet, lentils, dates, and apples, and a dessert of blueberries and chocolate.
Lunchbox Inspiration- “Spinach Whole Wheat Quesadillas”My favorite veggie to sneak into the kids' lunches is spinach because its mild flavor is always masked by whatever it's combined with. My daughter LOVES grilled cheese and cheese quesadillas, so I always put spinach inside to get in extra nutrients. We've also made these quesadillas with scrambled cheesy eggs + spinach, and she always gobbles them up!