Earth Day

Earth Day Apple PopsEarth Day is coming up on Saturday April 22 and we’re celebrating with these yummy chocolate covered apples! 🌍 We sliced an apple in 4 pieces, popped a popsicle stick in, and used dye-free plant based food coloring mixed with white chocolate to create our blue oceans and green continents.
Monkey CupcakesWith just some chocolate frosting, melted chocolate, cookies, and dye free sprinkles, you can elevate any cupcake within minutes. Perfect for a themed birthday or just to celebrate those animals in your life (aka the kids). 🙈 Did you know this Saturday April 22 is 𝓔𝓪𝓻𝓽𝓱 𝓓𝓪𝔂? Earth Day is an annual celebration that focuses on promoting clean living that can protect our habitat for people and wildlife (like those monkeys!) alike. Some ways we celebrate year-round are by eating organic foods that are good for the soil (and our own health!) since they don’t use harmful pesticides, growing our own organic fruits and veggies in the spring/summer, teaching our kids about recycling, and eating less meat and a more plant-based diet. Some easy changes can go a long way like buying a stainless steel water bottle instead of using single-use plastic, and buying silicone reusable food pouches instead of plastic baggies. A little change can go a long way!