(Hidden Carrot) Chicken StripsLooking for a way to hide veggies in your kids' meals? We've got you covered with these (Hidden Carrot) Chicken Strips! The great thing about hiding carrots is that the orange color blends right into the breadcrumb mixture. The carrots add a wonderful sweetness to the chicken that you can even supplement with a honey drizzle (or if your kids are honey addicts like mine, they can even use the honey as a dipping sauce rather than ketchup!)
(Hidden Spinach) Chicken StripsOne of my sneaky mom hacks involves hiding spinach in various foods. We've done breakfast muffins, smoothie snacks, and now I've moved on to dinner! The beautiful thing about spinach is that its flavor is so mild that no one ever knows it's there! My husband thinks it's just part of the Italian seasoning I put in the breadcrumbs like parsley, but I know that I'm actually giving my family vitamins & nutrients that my picky eaters would never eat on their own. MOM WIN!
Chickpea Tikka MasalaThis slow cooker Indian creamy cauliflower rice and chickpea stew is great for families who are feeding vegetarian/vegans and meat eaters at the same meal. We usually cook the stew first (either in the crockpot or on the stove) and grill chicken in a separate pan, which can then be incorporated into the stew for those who prefer the meat addition.