Yogurt-Frosted Watermelon “Cake”This sweet + refreshing no-bake watermelon "cake" is a fun new take on a summery dessert. Frosted with a a tangy + sweet yogurt topping and covered in berries, this dessert is pleasing to even the pickiest of eaters (aka my toddler son!). We've served this for birthdays, the Fourth of July, and Memorial Day Weekend. Dress it up with any colored sprinkles you want (we use natural dye-free ones) and make it match the theme you want for any occasion!
Dinosaur Candy Explosion CakeMade with organic frosting that's sweetened by coconut sugar, this birthday cake can be made 2 ways: either from scratch with oat flour and naturally sweetened with pure maple syrup, or if you're short on time, it can come together from a boxed almond flour mix that's grain-free, plant-based, and SO INCREDIBLY YUMMY. We then filled it with dye-free natural chocolate gems, used plant-based dye-dree superfood powders to naturally color our frosting, and dug in!!
Maple Smash Cake with Yogurt FrostingInspired by @yummytoddlerfood, we made this patriotic maple cake with yogurt frosting for my son’s first birthday cake smash, but it was so delicious that I now make it for special occasions and holidays. Made with simple clean ingredients, this cake can be made dairy-free (sub in coconut milk yogurt), and always yields a moist, deliciously sweet cake.
No-Bake Brownie Batter Rice CakesNo-Bake Brownie Batter Rice Cakes 🍫 Have you tried the latest viral food trend yet? Rice cakes have officially made a come-back!! I’m obsessed with our rendition because it’s a chocolate lover’s dream… fudgy + creamy and 𝓪𝓭𝓭𝓲𝓬𝓽𝓲𝓷𝓰! 🍫 We used brown rice cakes, almond butter, our homemade brownie batter (our take on chocolate hummus), and drizzled melted dark chocolate on top. You need to try this sweet and salty combination!!!
Unicorn Candy Explosion Birthday Cake (Made by Liv & Sawyer!)I’m often asked when’s a good age to have the kids start cooking & baking, and how can they get involved in the process? Since 18 months old, my kids (Liv is now 6 and Sawyer is 3) have been involved in the cooking process. We started slowly, and they immediately got excited any time they were able to measure, mix, or pour ingredients. Once they got older, we moved on to more advanced skills like cracking eggs and cutting (with kid-safe knives). While I had a completely different vision for Liv’s birthday cake, the kids decided they wanted to be involved in the entire process from start to finish, and I think they did a pretty good job! Of course there were eggs on the floor, sprinkles all over the kitchen, and a mess that made my husband wince, but the kids had a blast and felt such a sense of accomplishment when they made their own cake. In general, I think it’s important to cook with children at a young age to teach them the foundations of healthy eating habits. It’s a great achievement & confidence booster for them and a fun bonding activity for all of us. If they are involved in creating the recipes, I find they’re more willing to try new wholesome foods.
Apples ‘N Honey CakeAn easy and flavorful autumn recipe that incorporates warm apples, spicy cinnamon, nutmeg, and of course sweet honey! Drizzle some of our maple glaze over the top for extra goodness!!