Apple Pie SmoothieNothing says autumn more than sweet apples and the warm flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cloves. 🥧 This smoothie comes together in minutes, contains nutritious apples and bananas, whole grain oats, and is naturally sweetened by dates!
Apple NachosAn easy way to spice up snack time for the kids is to change the way a typical snack is presented. Watch as we level up our apples and peanut butter while getting the kids to eat superfood hemp seeds as well as vitamin rich pumpkin & sunflower seeds 😉
Smore’s Energy BitesThese 𝒏𝒐-𝒃𝒂𝒌𝒆 bliss balls are great for lunchboxes, make ahead snacks, or on-the-go treats. We love storing them in the freezer so they’re always ready for those moments when my kids are “staaaarving” aka 5 min after they had a meal 🙄 . They're everything you want from a fire-pit s’mores but without all the prep, hassle, and smokey scent that just won’t leave your clothes 🫤. These bliss balls are made with whole grain oats and are sweetened naturally by pure maple syrup.
Apple Slice “Donuts”If you’re looking for a wonderful seasonal food activity to do with the kids, I highly recommend these apple "donuts"! Both Liv and Sawyer had the best time painting and decorating their apple slices. It’s great for fine motor skills and sparks creativity. All you need is 2 apples, a cup of Greek yogurt (nondairy yogurt works great too if vegan!) and 2 starter spoons to act as their paint brushes. (Also note that the yogurt can easily be replaced with chocolate spread, peanut butter, or hazelnut spread. The options are endless!) Fill some bowls with different toppings, and let their imagination take care of the rest!
Spiced Apple Granola CupsLet’s get all the Autumn feels together with these no-bake breakfast treats. 🍂 Crunchy granola combined with creamy nut butter forms our addicting cup’s base. Once frozen, we fill it with tart Greek yogurt topped with cinnamon coated cooked apples and a drizzle of sweet honey or pure maple syrup.
Chia JamThis 3- ingredient jam is the perfect recipe for back to school! Made with just berries, chia seeds, and optional pure maple syrup/honey, this lunch comes together within minutes (and even my 5 year old can put it together himself!). We love making homemade jam because it’s made with chia seeds which are a great source of fiber and minerals and contains way less sugar than store-bought.
Carrot Cake PopsDuring the summer months I make an extra effort to create all the frozen treats so my kids stay hydrated. As a mom, it’s also my secret guilty pleasure to add veggies to their snacks whenever I can 😏. My 7 year old self-proclaimed carrot hater of a daughter will not eat a raw carrot but she’s obsessed with these carrot cake pops. Is it the creamy indulgent filling? Is it the graham cracker crusted white chocolate coating? Try them out and see for yourself!
Chocolate Chip+Peanut Butter+Banana MuffinsWith a soft pull apart texture on the inside and the sweet flavors of gooey chocolate, creamy peanut butter, and sweet banana, these muffins will have you begging for more. Trust me, you need to try this recipe.
Coconut Water Fruit PopsThese 3-ingredient popsicles are perfect for a Fourth of July treat or summertime snack. So simple to make, my kids are amazed that these star shaped popsicles are see-through and I love how hydrating and nutritious they are!
Peanut Butter Acai PopsiclesThis popsicle is the perfect refreshing spring & summertime treat or even a make-ahead breakfast idea! Acai is rich in antioxidants, deliver healthy fats and fiber, and is low in sugar. These popsicles are creamy and rich from the acai/peanut butter mix, filled with nutritious banana, blueberry, and strawberry pieces, and dipped in sweet granola surrounded by chia and flaxseed.
Creamy Peanut Butter Acai BowlDid you know açaí is a superfood packed with antioxidants that aid in immune support? This rich & creamy indulgent açaí bowl has become a favorite breakfast and snack for Liv & Sawyer (last week we even managed to pack it for Liv’s school snack!). We top it with all the yummy goodies like berries, homemade granola, banana, and hemp seeds.
Breakfast Tortilla HackReady for an easy back-to-school breakfast hack?? While mornings can be hectic with getting the kids out the door, breakfast doesn’t have to be! 🌮 Packed with protein-rich peanut butter, zinc-loaded berries, antioxidant fueled chia seeds, fiber dense hemp seeds, and sweet granola for extra flavor + crunch, it’s a complete breakfast that’s easy to make and super kid-friendly.