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“Oreo” Cookie Pie

 1 (16 oz) defrosted box of non-dairy whipped topping (We’ve used Kineret, Rich’s, and if you want soyfree, try @so_delicious cocowhip frozen topping)
 Half a box of dairy-free “Oreo” cookies (there are so many clean brands out there such as @annieshomegrown and @simpletruth4u)
 1 pre-made, store-bought graham-cracker pie crust (for a healthier alternative try @whollywholesome)

Pour defrosted whipped topping in a food processor with a dough blade and blend until the liquid becomes thick enough that you could turn the bowl upside down and it won’t come out 😝


Take half the “Oreo” cookies from the tray and put it in the food processor with the cream. Blend until the whipped topping is now a bit brown and has chunks of cookie incorporated


Take a spatula and scoop batter into pie crust


Decorate top of pie with more sandwich cookies, broken in half, and gently pressed into the batter


Place in freezer. When ready to serve, take out about 15 minutes before in order for pie to thaw a bit... enjoy!