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A Dozen Red Strawberry Roses

Inspired by @localadventurer

 12 strawberries, rinsed and dried

For Valentine’s Day, Josh and I used to make each other cute poems, write elaborate cards to each other, and buy enough chocolate and flowers to fill a bathtub. I don’t know about you, but after knowing Josh for 9 years, being married for 7 of them, and having 2 kids, Valentine’s Day is definitely not as romantic as it used to be 🤣. Lately, Josh has been on a New Years health kick, so getting him the usual chocolate for V-day was definitely off the table. I really couldn’t think of much else, so I researched different creative ideas and found this one from @localadventurer. It’s such a cute alternative to sweets and only requires a paring knife, wooden sticks, and strawberries. Just start cutting slices at the bottom, about 4 at the base, and peel them slightly backwards. Be careful not to cut completely through the bottom or the slice will fall off. Keep adding “petals” as you get higher to the tip of the strawberry. Voila, you have your own edible arrangements for a muchhhh lower cost 👌. Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day! ❤️